Rhinestone Capri Blue SS7

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Preciosa MAXIMA rhinestones is Preciosa’s high end, premier line of rhinestones. These rhinestones have a flat back and have foiling on the back (for non-opaque colors). Just add glue to the back and you can apply these rhinestones to fabrics and other materials.

The MAXIMA line is deemed to be the highest quality rhinestone due to some some unique features:

  • The rhinestones reflect 264 rays of light (SS5 and larger) , which is the most for any rhinestone offered today.
  • They contain a silver reflective layer that makes the optical aesthetic properties even more brilliant.
  • The smallest sizes offer 12 facets (SS2-SS4), whereas the larger sizes offer 15 (SS5-SS20) or 18 facets (SS30 and larger).
  • They have a special and proprietary Dura-Foiling which offers a higher resistance to corrosion, sweat, chlorine, salt water and more.



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